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The Creator Behind The Brand 

Dewing it for you โœจ

From the very first block of clay purchased and the first photo taken for Instagram, I knew I had found my passion. A few months into the pandemic, I had been living the same day again and again: work, home, be a mom, go to bed. I needed a hobby to help relieve my intense anxiety and one day I came across a video showing the process of making clay earrings. I have always felt that earrings can literally transform an outfit and no outfit is complete without them, so it felt like a perfect fit! Something clicked when I created my very first crude, lumpy, somewhat ugly pair of earrings. I have never been particularly artistic but I have always been *crafty* and what better way to soothe the soul than creating wearable art that inspires confidence and joy? I have put my heart and soul into building this brand from day one and I hope that I can help you feel like the amazing babe you are. 



Elisabeth enjoys hanging with her son + his dad, finding new creative outlets, and trolling the gram. Fueled by iced coffee, memes, and tears of the patriarchy of course! 

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